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  • Angel Island
  • Erika Lee
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  • 10 August 2018
  • 9780199734085

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Angel Island Read ✓ 6 Llis Island was mainly a processing center for European immigrants Angel Island was designed to detain and exclude immigrants from Asia The immigrant experience on Angel Island than any other site reveals how US immigration policies and their hierarchical treatment of immigrants according to race ethnicity class nationality and gender played out in daily practices and decisions at the nation's borders with real conseuences on immigrant lives and on the country itself Angel Island Immigrant Gateway to America is officially sponsored by the Angel Island Immigration Statio. Assigned reading in college very readable for history textbook with lots of first person stories to break up the legal textIt helps that the author is a wonderful person

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Angel Island Read ✓ 6 Ngel Island Immigrant Gateway to America examines the great diversity of immigration through Angel Island Chinese paper sons Japanese picture brides Korean refugee students South Asian political activists Russian and Jewish refugees Mexican families Filipino workers and many others Together their stories offer a complete and complicated history of immigration to America than we have ever known Like its counterpart on Ellis Island the immigration station on Angel Island was one of the country's main ports of entry for immigrants in the early twentieth century But while E. Wonderful book for history buffs If you thought only Asian immigrants entered via Angel Island this book is a must read Fascinating to read the multitudes entering through Angel Island And as much as the United States thinks they have embraced the different cultures with immigration much is still to be learned Very well written

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Angel Island Read ✓ 6 From 1910 to 1940 the Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco served as the processing and detention center for over one million people from around the world The majority of newcomers came from China and Japan but there were also immigrants from India the Philippines Korea Russia Mexico and over seventy other countries The full history of these immigrants and their experiences on Angel Island is told for the first time in this landmark book published to commemorate the immigration station's 100th anniversary Based on extensive new research and oral histories A. Well worth reading deeply researched history of the many who passed through Angel Island on their way to landing on the mainland US many who were sent home before they could get off the island and some who were deported The Chinese immigrants were the most numerous and they left the most poignant record poems in the classical style carved into the wooden walls but so many others came through as well Japanese picture brides Indians organizing for independence Filipinos caught in limbo after the passage of the Tydings McDuffie Act no longer colonials who could freely enter but without papers from a sovereign nation Well written and rich with family stories