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Island AUTHOR Him Mark Lai characters ↠ 104 Rations hopes and despair in poetry written and carved on the barrack wallsIsland tells these immigrants' stories while underscoring their relevance to contemporary immigration issues First published in 1980 this book is now offered in an updated expanded edition including a new historical introduction 150 annotated poems in Chinese and English translation ex. Lucked into a used copy of this book autographed by all three authors Details the history of Chinese immigrants who landed at Angel Island while waiting to enter the US Some were deported some stayed short periods of time some stayed long and their stay was contrasted with the Japanese or Italians entering the companyPictures interviews background and poems in Chinese and translated to Englishthe poor Chinese finding the food and shelter to be better than homeOthers finding the conditions deplorable The use of coaching papers and paper relativesNot so long ago that I don t recall my dad trying to help new immigrants but soon to be lost with my generation s passing

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Island AUTHOR Him Mark Lai characters ↠ 104 In the early twentieth century most Chinese immigrants coming to the United States were detained at the Angel Island Immigration Station in San Francisco Bay There they were subject to physical exams interrogations and often long detentions aimed at upholding the exclusion laws that kept Chinese out of the country Many detainees recorded their anger and frust. Angel Island is never mentioned in schools but it is just as important as Ellis Island in the history of immigration to the US The immigration station which operated from 1910 1940 mainly detained Chinese immigrants many of whom had to resort to using fraudulent papers to enter the country and escape poverty and unrest in China because of the Chinese Exclusion Act This book contains the poems that immigrants carved into the walls of the detention barracks as well as oral histories from interviews with former detainees This book gave a voice to the Chinese immigrants who suffered injustice and racism on Angel Island and is necessary reading for anyone interested in US immigration history or the history of the Chinese in America

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Island AUTHOR Him Mark Lai characters ↠ 104 Tensive profiles of immigrants gleaned through oral histories and dozens of new photographs from public archives and family albumsAn important historical document as well as a significant work of literature Island is a testament to the hardships Chinese immigrants endured on Angel Island their perseverance and their determination to make a new life in America. Gut wrenching and heart breaking