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  • 09 August 2019
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Witness in Death Read & download î 100 Zeugin – und ermittelnde Beamtin Denn natürlich setzt Eve alles daran diesen Fall besonders schnell zu lösen Gehört das Theater doch schließlich ihrem Mann dem geheimnisumwitterten irischen Geschäftsmann Roarke Aber jeder von Eves Ver. Mix some J D Robb with some Agatha Christie and you get genius In the way of Christie the murderer is obvious but hard to seeReread July 2018 The plays the thing In this case the thing is murder Eve and Roarke have a night out at the theater Its an Agatha Christie mystery that uickly becomes too real Great book

Summary Witness in DeathWitness in Death

Witness in Death Read & download î 100 Original Cover Edition for ASIN B004OL2BX0AAls bei der Premiere seines neuen Stücks ein berühmter Bühnenschauspieler direkt vor ihren Augen ermordet wird findet sich Lieutenant Eve Dallas in einer neuen Rolle wieder Sie ist zugleich Augen. Oh I am so enjoying my reread of this series This is number ten and it is still every bit as good as the previous nine books I realise the author has a formula which never changes from book to book but it does not matter at all It is what she does with that formula that counts and JD Robb is a masterIn this particular book everything revolves around Agatha Christie right down to the way the final scene plays out with all the possible murderers gathered together while Eve does the grand expos Of course lots of police work goes on before that to discover who dunnit and all our favourite characters are there including McNab Feeney Morris and even Trueheart who gets some important scenes of his own this timeAnd then of course there is all the stuff we read these books for the constant laugh out loud banter the romance the little things we know and love like the candy thief and Galahad and of course the major moments between Eve and Roarke He even manages to make a real blunder this time which is very unusual for Mr Smooth Of course he redeems himselfJust excellent

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Witness in Death Read & download î 100 Dächtigen ist ein exzellenter Schauspieler der für ein bißchen Scheinwerferlicht alles tut Bald fragt sich Eve nicht mehr wer lügt – sondern nur noch wer die Wahrheit spricht Der neue superspannende Lady Thriller um Lieutenant Eve Dall. 5 Confronting Figuring it Out Stars 12 Spoiler FreeI have a disclaimer to startI truly think there will not be an entry to this series I won t want to read I have become addicted to this series and one of the reasons is this grown up relationship between Eve and Roarke These two people are fully formed people who have a deeply traumatic childhood history Both dealt with the horror of being beaten felt unloved and abandoned by their mothers Each found their path after the threat of the father was removed and forged ahead in their lives Eve s horrific childhood was even abusive To overcome her early years she became a dedicated homicide detective living by the rules and standing for the dead She believed in things being Black and White She was trained well and became an expert in the department Her life was her jobRoarke took his control and power through wealth He had multiple talents and early on used some uestionable endeavors in acuiring all the property businesses on Earth and other planets Now he was well established and respected The bringing together of these two was genius on Robb s part She created all the nooks and crannies of interest in their pasts and personalities Robb has a vast area to play withways for every book to give us threads of backgroundscracks in the armor both of them have The chemistry between Eve and Roarke from the very first book has held up and doesn t look like it will become stale Every book I have read so far has incredible momentssexy times yes but even revealing and important the honesty of fear of how this relationship is something so important that to lose it would break them bothRoarke understands what Eve needs and Eve is still trying to figure out how to handle all of these emotions she feels just by looking at Roarke Love for her is so alien she has to remember it is ok to feel it and bath in its warmth So it is this grown up relationship that draws me The added bonuses are the terrific plots and characters Robb does so well This entry was a homage to Agatha Christie and was done exceedingly well The relationship between Peabody and McNab is growing and a hoot to see All of the continuing touchpoints make their appearances and fit perfectly I am loving this yes I say it every time The reasons are explained and I am Sorry Not Sorry one little bit Before Reading Started the New Year with this and shall see how Eve and Roarke do with Death in the Theater For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways